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Thiruvadhigai Veerattaneswarar


Thiruvadhigai veerattaneswarar temple is one of the important shiva sthalam among the 108 shiva sthalam this beautifull temple is located 2 km from panruti at cuddalore district in tamil nadu. the temple is build near the        river kedilam . the temples main lord is veerattaneswarar (shiva ) and godess periya nayagi ( parvathi ) .the bravery of lord shiva is exposed in this temple.at present this temple is under the guidence of the " HINDU ARANILAYA THURAI " the temple was build by the pallavas but the clear evidence is not available on which date that the temple was build .  Accoring to the hindu mythology   the " Thiripurasamharam " is being done by the lord shiva to destroy the 3 demon namely வித்யுந்மாலி, தாருகாட்சன்,கம்லாட்சன். on the behalf of  this the temple was build.
The temple's architectural style is belong to  the dravidian style of architecture. this temple is build on the 7 acre land. the temple is located 2 km from the panruti in the cuddalore district tamil nadu, india .the river named kedilam ( prounuced as gedilam ) is near by the temple which  flows through the cuddalore and villupuram district. the age of this temple is not known accurately but  this temple was constructed and build before tanjore brahadeeshwarar temple . the great king Raja raja cholan got an idea to build the Tanjore temple is after seeing this temple. their are many amazing thing are present in this temple.
                   The beautiful veerattaneswarar  temple is faced towards the east, with the first rajakopuram having 7 store's and 7 kalasam's. at the entrence of the rajakopuram their are 108 sculptures , representing the thandavas in the bharthanatiyam.after entering inside the temple's first rajakopuram a " 16 kaal mandapam " is present and a open space ,were a 5 ft buddha statue is present in the right side(north side), and the temples tank  is present at the left side(south side ).before  the entrance of the 2nd rajakopuram lord GANESH's ( "vinayagar ") idol and the KODIMARAM is present , the second rajakopuram has 5 store's. after entering into the 2nd kopuram we can see a huge nandhi  is located . and in the 3rd stage only the temples main lord veerattaneswarar is present. veerattaneswrar is in the form of suyambhu lingam with 16 stripes in the face of the lingam.the temple garbgiragha's kopuram is build by the pallava style of architecture ,it is build in such a intectual way that the shadow of the garbhagiragha kopuram's     " vimaanam" will not fall at the ground in any of the season in the year. at the back of the molavar sanathi the temple's godess periya nayaki  sanathi is present .and the statues of the 63 nayanmar is present inside the temple .


  • Thirunavukarasar , niyanasambanthar , sundarar all these poet-saint of tamilnadu has worshiped and sanged songs and written hyms about this temple.
  • The idol called  panchamuga  lingam ( 5 faces) is present inside the  temple which is a rare one, the four faces of the lingam are facing on each directions and the fifth one is facing at the top. this panchamuga lingam belongs to pallava period this idol is one of the very rare piece of lingam in the world this kind of ancient idol cannot be found anywere.
  • About Two songs on the beauty of  lord murugan present in this temple is being sanged in the epic of Thirupugzhal  by Arunaigrinathar. 
  • The tradition of breaking the coconut in the ground ( " sitharuthengai ") has came from this temple only .
  • This temple is one of the most important temple ( "sthalam")  among the 8 temples ( " 8 sthalam"  ) in the world were the bravery exposed by the lord shiva (veeratteneswarar).
  • The temple is in the form a Ratha as it is believed that the lord came by Ratha.
  • The temple garbhagiragha's vimanam is build in such an intellectual way that the shadow of the vimanam will not fall in the ground at any season of the year.
  • The hyms " UZAVARAM " by thirunavaukarasar is being launched from this temple.
  • The temple was constructed and build before the Tanjore brahadeshwarar temple build.infact the great king Raja rajacholan had got an idea to build the tanjore temple after seeing this temple
  • This temple is one of the most imporatant temple among the 108 shiva temple ( " 108 shiva sthalangal ").
  • It is believed that the Temple was build 2000 years before. 
  •  Pooja are done on the days of " PIRATHOSHAM " and on other special occasions to the lords present in the temple. 


  • The people who are worshipping lord veerattaneswarar in the temple can become brave in their life.
  • A practise is thier in the temple that  People should apply the vibhuthi ( sacret ash ) in thier forehead by facing thier head toward the land.
  • The Mind becomes peacefull when we worship in this temple.
  • High level positive energy is being emitted in the temple even ,we can feel that vibrations if we mediatate and concentrate whole heartely in the temple.
  • The person who are very headweighted will lose their headweight and comes to know that peace,love ( "anbu ") and lord shiva are the most powerfull things in the universe.
  • A peaceful atmosphere is alway their in the temple with preety cool breeze.
  • Many marriage are taking place in the temple.
  • Special pooja are done on the days of " PIRATHOSHAM " and on other special occasions. 

    Thirunavukarasar is also called as "appar". once he was suffering from sever stomach pain ( ulcer) ,he worshiped the lord veerattneswarar in the temple and had the sulathirtham from the temples well, and he had got cured from the stomach pain.Even now at present we can see the sulathirtham tank that is availabe inside the temple. it is believed that the temples sulathirtham has the potentiality to cure the ulcer and all other stomach ach problems.


ADDRESS : அருள்மிகு
அதிகை வீரட்டேஸ்வரர் திருக்கோவில்
பண்ருட்டி அஞ்சல்
கடலூர் மாவட்டம்
PIN - 607106 .



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